BindEx Waterproof Corner Flashing Tape

A 3-way flexible flashing tape to protect corners of a wet area room.

BindEx Waterproof Flashing Tape

A durable and highly flexible corner flashing tape.

BindEx Waterproof Pipe Collar

A flat flexible pipe collar.

MastaMate Paper Tape

MastaMate Paper Tape is a spark perforated paper tape designed to reinforce recessed edges and butt joints for plasterboard systems.

MastaMate Screws

MastaMate Screws

MastaMate Screws is an efficient range of screws for every plasterboard application.

PERMAROCK® 100mm Tape

A glass fibre Tape used to reinforce joints in interior ceilings.

PERMAROCK® Exterior Reinforcing Tape

PERMAROCK® Exterior Reinforcing Tape is a glass fibre mesh tape used for joint, corner and opening reinforcement. 

PERMAROCK® Maxi Screws

For easy fixing of PERMAROCK ® Cement Board Indoor onto timber and steel frames.

PERMAROCK® Reinforcing Mesh

A glass fibre mesh used to reinforce PERMAROCK® Skim Coat - White.


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